UL approved safes The best in the US market Today !!!

TSS - from Israel – Security is our Top priority!!!

TSS –Top Security Safes is an Israeli company that holds the highest ratings of UL today.

TSS`s dedication to the technological research development has produced Safes, Vault Doors, Security Doors and Metal Packaging Parts for electronics components and in a diverse range of precision sheet-metal works.

But that's only part of the story. TSS (Top Security safes) is also committed to satisfying the specific requirement of each and every customer. The company applies modern advanced manufacturing technologies and TQM management policy, enabling designers and factory staff to fill clients orders "Just in time" and at top quality.

The Highest UL Ratings are held by TSS (Top Security safes).

TSS security products hold the highest rating given by Underwrites Laboratories Inc. of the USA as well as by the Israel Standards Institute, and Lloyds of London. The UL is a non-profit organization known throughout the world for its high standards.

All TSS (Top Security safes) products have undergone and passed the most stringent physical tests of that institute in addition UL expert's follow-up with periodic visits to the TSS plant to ensure that the products continue to merit their highest Ratings.

TSS offers you high security safes rated ULTRTL30X6 which is the highest rated that available today in the world.

Our Titanium is the news ULTRTL30x6 that have passed lately this extreme high test.

TSS (Top Security safes) holds 4 UL labels and can offer you a full range of UL rated high security safes that will supply all your insurance cover.

ULTRTL30X6 – Titanium safe

ULTRTL15x6 - Krypton safe

ULTL30x6 – Defender safe

ULTL-30 – Guardian safe

TSS was established by 2 most experience professional "safe people" in the Israeli industry MR. Roy Ben David and MR. Shelomo Barkan the former CEO of ISM safes.

Mr. Barkan is the only man in the last 25 years that had developed and passed the ULTRTL60x6 test at 2003.

"The highest professional standards are created by… . TSS"

TSS (Top Security safes)applies modern and advanced manufacturing technologies as complex computer aided design systems (cad/cam), computerized L.V.D. bending machines, C.N.C. milling machines, ARGON and CO2 welding machines ,

a modern paint computerized line, and a large metal casting facility.

This is a part from an article that was published in 2003 at the Locksmith ledger


"Mr. Shlomo Barkan, managing director of TSS and former CEO of ISM Safes: "The safe business in our export markets, especially in the US, Has changed their demands to much more sophisticated safes. There is a growing demand by the security managers in government organizations for safes that will withstand an explosive attack, not just a burglary, after the tragedy of September 11. There has also been a demand for trashcans which can withstand an explosion.

There is no doubt that territories has changed the way that most organizations deal with materials which could also be used against the population - terror attacks are no longer a distant scenario, but must now be considered as a real threat.

All bodies which stock dangerous materials that could be used against the civilian population must revise their security procedures in order to take into account such a threat. In some cases, the solution is better safes that can withstand a serious attack or penetration."